Future Vision

The downstream oil sector has a golden opportunity to achieve both sustainability and economic growth.

How the energy sector operates will change considerably in the years ahead. Numerous challenges - not least climate change - will require new approaches to mobility, transportation, industrial operations, manufacturing and waste.

The downstream oil sector will need to consider how it can contribute to decarbonisation goals, whilst providing security, reliability and affordable products to wider society. To do this we need a clear vision for the future of our industry. 

The UKPIA Future Vision provides just that.

Use the links on the right to learn more about the future of the UK's downstream oil sector and the decarbonisation potential from low-carbon liquid fuels.

Transition, Transformation, and Innovation

UKPIA's latest publication looks beyond 2019's UKPIA Future Vision Report and considers the role of the downstream oil sector in meeting the UK's Net-Zero target.

The UK downstream oil sector is capable and willing to play a significant role in meeting societal targets for decarbonisation to Net-Zero.

Future Vision Hub

For an overview of UKPIA's Future Vision Report.

Digitalisation in the Downstream Oil Industry

Like most modern industries, the downstream oil sector is seeing strong trends towards digitalisation. Digital technologies have taken hold in the consumer-facing segments of the sector and at import terminals already, while refining applications for digital are emerging.

The Future of Mobility

Changing technology and consumer behaviours will continue to alter how we move by air, land and sea. As this revolution in mobility occurs in the coming decades, the role of the traditional filling station need to be reimagined in an age of increased choice.

Learn how the forecourt of the future might adapt to these changes, and how low-carbon liquid fuels will be needed to support hard-to-decarbonise transport like HGVs and aviation.

Low-carbon case studies

Alternative fuels and new ways of doing things are already happening across the downstream oil sector.

Learn more about what companies are doing to support decarbonisation and remain a vital part of the UK economy.