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Stephen Marcos Jones




As Director-General, Stephen Marcos Jones is responsible for the overall management and effectiveness of UKPIA as the UK's principal advocate for the downstream oil sector. With over 15 years’ experience across the oil and gas industry, Stephen's leadership of UKPIA encompasses all areas of the organisation's expertise, including fuels quality, environmental regulations, advocacy and industry economics, and the future vision for the UK industry.

Dr Andy Roberts

Director of Downstream Policy

As Director of Downstream Policy, Andy Roberts is responsible for anticipating and assessing emerging policy and regulatory challenges and opportunities affecting the refining and downstream fuel sector. Working closely with our members, Andy's over 30 years' experience in the oil industry enables UKPIA to influence a range of areas, including climate change and the environment, chemicals regulations, health and safety and fuels quality.  

Jamie Baker

Director of External Relations

As Director of External Relations, Jamie Baker is responsible for UKPIA's outreach to our industry's key stakeholders in government, industry, the media and the wider public. Appointed in September 2018, with over 10 years experience in government, Jamie's role integrates UKPIA's external advocacy and engagement with outreach to our members and associates.

Hugh Tucker

Fuels Technical Specialist

As Fuels Technical Specialist, Hugh Tucker provides expertise for all fuel quality and supply issues across the refining and downstream industry, including road transport fuels, biofuels and low-carbon development fuels. As the sector adapts and transforms, Hugh's over 30 years' understanding of international and UK fuel specifications and of how the global supply chain operates allows UKPIA to provide insight into the future challenges and opportunities for the downstream oil industry. 

Funké Adeosun

Environment, Health and Safety Specialist

As Environment, Health and Safety Specialist, Funké Adeosun plays a leading role in advancing improved process safety across the downstream oil sector as well as acting as a link between industry and regulators on health, environment and safety issues. With 13 years of experience in the chemical and oil industries, Funké provides strategic advice to UKPIA members and other key stakeholders on a number of areas in industry safety, including major hazards, COMAH regulations, human factors and environmental risk.

Antony Chiwoko

Petroleum Economics Specialist

As Petroleum Economics Specialist, Antony Chiwoko provides cutting-edge economic and business intelligence, thanks to his in-depth understanding of global oil and natural gas markets. Antony is responsible for a wide range of policy areas, including compulsory oil stocking, business investments, legal governance and regulations, helping UKPIA deliver sound guidance to an industry faced with the challenge of generating continued value whilst ensuring sustainability.

Seb Hirsz

Fuels Quality and Supply Specialist

As Fuels Quality and Supply Specialist, Seb Hirsz provides UKPIA members with expert advice on all regulatory developments for fuel quality issues across the downstream oil sector. With previous experience with BP's Formulated Products Technology team working on F1 fuels and lubricants, Seb's role is to make industry's views known across a range of discussions on fuels standards, regulatory compliance and future fuels developments.


Will James

Communications and Membership Specialist

As Communications and Membership Specialist, Will James helps to deliver UKPIA's key messages whilst enhancing the profile of the downstream oil sector to policymakers, the media and the public. Will joined UKPIA in January 2019 and his responsibilities include advocacy to external stakeholders,  membership activities as well as media relations and communications.

Paul Mannion

Industry secondee to BEIS

Paul Mannion was appointed as the UKPIA industrial secondee into the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy's (BEIS) Downstream Oil Resilience team in May 2018. Paul has over 30 years of experience in the refining and downstream oil sector. Prior to his secondment, Paul was a member of the Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Senior Leadership Team where he held a number of roles spanning 14 years. 

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