Pump Labelling Changes

Since 1st June 2019, you may have noticed new labels on the pump at your local petrol filling stations. This is because the Department for Transport has introduced regulations that legally require new labelling on all fuel dispensers and nozzles in all UK filling stations by 1st September 2019. This applies to petrol, diesel and alternative fuels. The new labels will help drivers choose the right fuel for their vehicle.

Are the fuels different?

While petrol and diesel now have new labels at filling station pumps, the fuel they dispense is the same.

On the new labels you will see a circular symbol saying E5 for petrol, or a square symbol saying B7 for diesel.

E5 means the fuel contains up to 5% ethanol (by volume) and up to 2.7% oxygen content (by mass).

B7 means the fuel contains up to 7% biodiesel (by volume).

The fuels are the same as before and are likely to still have labels saying petrol (or unleaded) and diesel.

Motorists can find out more about the new fuel labels on the UK Government's 'Know Your Fuel' website.

The legislation underpinning the new labelling requirements can be found here.

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