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UPDATE: Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, changes have been made to the Safe Loading Pass Scheme and the UKPIA Forecourt Contractor Safety Passport Scheme. For more information, visit our dedicated COVID-19 page here.

4/10/2021 UPDATE: Due to increased fuel demand at forecourts resulting in some outages in late September, changes to the Petroleum Driver Passport scheme have been made. You can find the details here. 


The petroleum industry handles potentially hazardous products on a daily basis. That is why health, safety and ensuring sound working practices are our highest priorities.

UKPIA and our members have been involved in developing two schemes in particular, the Safe Loading Pass Scheme for loading products at terminals and the UKPIA Forecourt Contractor Safety Passport Scheme for contractor training at fuel filling stations.

Safe Loading Pass Scheme

The Safe Loading Pass Scheme (SLPS) is a code of practice developed, owned and managed by industry. It is recognised by members of UKPIA, Liquid Gas UK and the Tank Storage Association.

As an integral part of a participating petroleum terminal's safety management system, the scheme aims to identify vehicles and trailers that have been inspected on a minimum six-monthly basis. Only vehicles and trailers meeting specified safety standards are admitted to participating fuel loading terminals.

The scheme applies to terminals supplying the following fuels:

  • UN1202 - Gas oil or diesel fuel or heating oil, light
  • UN1203 - Gasoline or petrol or motor spirit
  • UN1223 - Kerosene
  • UN1863 - Fuel, aviation, turbine engine
  • UN1170 - Ethanol

It does not apply to vehicles registered outside England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland or vehicles carrying liquefied petroleum gas, bitumen, black oil or lubricants.

For more information on the Safe Loading Pass Scheme, click here.

The SLPS is owned by UKPIA and managed by the Freight Transport Association.

UKPIA Forecourt Contractor Safety Passport Scheme

Working on a fuel filling station presents a number of health and safety issues, not least ensuring the safety of the general public. UKPIA and our members have developed a self-regulatory scheme to ensure that workers in the industry, and particularly contractors working on forecourts, are trained to meet specified standards.

This is called the UKPIA Forecourt Contractor Safety Passport Scheme, and the training, accreditation and issuing of these passports are delivered by Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) and its accredited training providers.

Oil companies and some supermarket petrol retailers require contract workers to complete a two day training course before they are allowed to work on their fuel filling stations. Successful candidates receive a 'safety passport' that qualifies them to work on a forecourt. Exemptions from the SPA Core training days are available if certain relevant courses have already been attended. Please follow the link for further details.

For more information the UKPIA Forecourt Contractor Safety Passport Scheme, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: UKPIA has no direct involvement in the delivery of training, accreditation of candidates or issue of passports under the Forecourt Contractor Safety Passport Scheme. The use of UKPIA's logo on websites or in other promotional material by organisations or individuals that hold a passport is not permitted.

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