Brexit and trade

The UK's decision in 2016 to leave the European Union presented a number of significant challenges and opportunities to the UK downstream oil sector. 

UKPIA was consistent throughout the negotiations that a deal between the UK and EU that enabled barrier-free trade, retained UK collaboration in EU-wide systems and allowed for a sustainable and resilient sector should be the top priority for all sides.

A deal with the EU was needed to maintain the competitive and efficient supply of fuels in this country. It was essential an agreement was concluded that met the needs of industry and the consumers that are reliant on the products we provide.

Now that a deal has been finalised, attention turns to working with UK Government and companies to work through the challenges of implementing the public policy changes that have arisen through the new agreement. We will continue to engage with UK Government to allow for the best outcomes for industry, consumers and UK Government alike. 

To learn more, read our briefing papers below or contact to speak to one of our specialists.

UKPIA Position Paper on Rules of Origin (ROO)

UKPIA paper suggesting comprehensive Rules of Origin for future UK trade negotiations

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Trade Association Letter - Linking UK with the EU ETS

UKPIA, as one of over 40 leading industry bodies, urge the UK Government to start the process of linking the new UK Emissions Trading System (UK ETS) with the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) as soon as practicable. 

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