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EU Refining Roundtable

8th November 2012

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UKPIA welcomes the decision at the EU refining Roundtable on 26th November to establish a permanent Forum for oil refining and undertake competitiveness checks



UKPIA, the trade association representing the main oil refining companies in the UK, welcomes the announcement from Commissioner Oettinger that the EU Commission will establish a permanent Forum for EU refining to monitor and assess both the situation of the industry, as well as the outcome of the ‘fitness check’ announced in the Industrial Policy Communication, in order to address EU refining’s international competitiveness.

The Director General of UKPIA, Chris Hunt, commented: “With two UK refineries having closed between 2009 and 2012, the most recent being Coryton, the loss of further UK refining capability poses a serious risk to energy security of supply and resilience. Against this background, the acknowledgement by Energy Commissioner Oettinger of the importance of refining in meeting future energy needs across the EU and the impact of legislation upon the international competitiveness of the sector is welcomed.”

He continued “The establishment of a permanent EU Forum for refining is a positive step. An integral part of its work should be the continued monitoring of the competitive challenges facing the sector attributable to some aspects of EU legislation and the early completion in 2013 of ‘fitness checks’ of the impacts of the Industrial Emissions Directive and the Fuels Quality Directive Article 7a. Time is not on our side in the current climate so it is imperative that positive actions flow from this Forum”.





Enquiries to: Nick Vandervell, UKPIA Tel. 020 7269 7604                 

Notes to editors:


1.      UKPIA represents nine oil refining and marketing companies that operate the 7 major oil refineries in the UK; the refineries processed 74.7 million tonnes of crude oil and produced 76.1 million tonnes of refined products in 2011 (Source: DECC- DUKES data). UKPIA members also own around 1,900 of the 8,700 filling stations in the UK.

2.      ‘A Perfect Storm’ highlights the legislative and other factors impacting upon the UK refining industry. See

3.      ‘A Perfect Storm’ can also be found in Other Documents - UKPIA APP.


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