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Safety background to fuel deliveries to UKPIA's members' sites

PRESS RELEASE    27 March 2012   

The UNITE trade union, representing tanker drivers who work for haulage companies delivering fuel to many of the UK’s filling stations, announced yesterday that a ballot of members indicates support for strike action over working conditions, including issues relating to safety.
UKPIA and its members give high priority to safety issues within the industry. As well as its own active committees, UKPIA promotes the work of and participates in a number of industry and cross-sector groups established to improve safety and share best practice.

In this context, the general requirements of UKPIA members are as follows:

Drivers working on behalf of UKPIA members receive thorough training and induction before being allowed to undertake deliveries unsupervised. UKPIA member company drivers (either employed by the oil company itself, or haulage contractor drivers employed to deliver fuel on behalf of an oil company) delivering to company owned or independent branded filling stations:

  • undergo two weeks of induction and training in all aspects of safe loading and unloading, systems and procedures to demonstrate competency before being allowed to operate unsupervised.
  • all drivers are subject to annual refresher training regime.

Third–party drivers loading at UKPIA member terminals receive specific induction training and have to demonstrate competency before receiving a permit to load. Third-party drivers loading at UKPIA member terminals:

  • are given a thorough terminal induction by the Terminal Supervisor or his staff
  • are required to submit ADR (carriage of dangerous goods by road) and licence details, together with vehicle and tank Safe Loading Pass details.
  • before being issued with a permit to load, each driver is required to demonstrate competency.
  • the permit to load is valid for one year after which time, a driver will be re-inducted.


Enquiries to: Nick Vandervell, UKPIA Tel. 020 7269 7604
Notes to editors:
1. UKPIA represents nine oil refining and marketing companies that operate 7 of the 8 major oil refineries in the UK; the refineries processed 73 million tonnes of crude oil and produced 75.4 million tonnes of refined products in 2010 (Source: DECC- DUKES data). UKPIA members also own around 1,900 of the 8,700 filling stations in the UK.
2. An outline of the major challenges facing the UK oil refining sector are set out in UKPIA’s recent publication “ Fuelling the UK’s future- the role of our refining and downstream oil industry”



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