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UKPIA publishes gap analysis and self-assessment module

As part of its commitment to process safety1, UKPIA has published a Gap Analysis and Self-Assessment Module on the use of operators in SIL1 Safety Instrumented Functions. These tools have been developed with the involvement of member companies' experts, and independently reviewed by Human Reliability Associates. The self-assessment tool is not intended to provide assessment against current good practice, but to represent a shared goal of achieving excellence in the area of operators who form part of a Safety Instrumented Function. Reference should be made to the legal caveats on usage, included in the foreword of this module.

For a copy of the module, please click here.




1. UKPIA members are committed to improving process safety in the downstream oil industry. In a major step forward for the industry, UKPIA developed a commitment to process safety to promote and deliver excellence in process safety within its membership. For a copy of the Commitment Statement, please click here.

2. UKPIA represents ten oil refining and marketing companies that operate the 8 major oil refineries in the UK; the refineries processed 73 million tonnes of crude oil and produced 75.4 million tonnes of refined products in 2010 (Source: DECC- DUKES data). UKPIA members also own around 2,200 of the 8,787 filling stations in the UK.

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