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Gas Oil Specification Changes

UK Petroleum Industry Association
January 2011


As a requirement of the Fuels Quality Directive (2009/30/EC), the specification of gas oil for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) use changed on 1st January 2011. Fuels for use in NRMM (except for rail, which will change on 1st January 2012) must now contain less than 10ppm sulphur. For more details on these changes, please click here.


The UK’s gas oil standard BS 2869 has also been updated to reflect these changes and the revised standard became effective on 15th November 2010. For details of the standard, please click here.


The Department for Transport has issued a guidance note, which may be found here.


Please contact your fuel supplier if you have any questions about the fuel required for your equipment.



Enquiries to:

UKPIA, Hugh Tucker +44 (0)20 7269 7611

Notes to editors:

  1. UKPIA represents the oil refining and marketing companies operating in the UK, which also own approximately 2,229 of the UK's 8,921 service stations.
  2. UKPIA members own and operate the nine crude oil processing refineries in the UK.

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