Esso Refinery Fawley


Esso Refinery Fawley

Southampton, Hampshire SO45 1TX
Tel: 02380 892511

Situated on the west shore of Southampton Water, Fawley is the largest refinery in the UK, covering some 5 square miles and supplying 15% of the UK's oil products. Refining activity on the site dates back to 1921, with the first main expansion coming in 1951 when Esso brought on stream a new refinery with a capacity of 5.5 million tonnes per year. With several major expansions since and the addition of several specialist units to produce cleaner fuels, as well as petrochemical feedstocks, lubrication base oils and bitumen, capacity is now about 16 million tonnes per year. Over 11 million gallons of petrol, diesel, jet fuel and petrochemical feedstocks are produced every day.

The majority of output, about 85%, leaves the refinery by pipeline, with 10% by sea and 5% by road or rail. The sea terminal - 1.5 kilometres long and the largest independently owned one in Europe - with up to 9 berths can accommodate coasters or part laden tankers up to 350,000 tonnes deadweight, handling some 2,000 ship movements each year.

A chemical manufacturing plant on the site is closely integrated with the refinery, producing a wide range of products for the plastics, synthetic rubber and solvents industries, as well as speciality chemicals, lubricating base oils and additives.

Facts and figures
Refining capacity: ~16 million tonnes per year; ~ 275,000 barrels crude oil/day

Product output:
28% - Petrol
29% - Diesel
11% - Kerosene & Jet Fuel
11% - Fuel Oil
03% - LPG
03% - Lubricating Base Oils
09% - Petrochemical Feedstocks
01% - Bitumen
05% - Other Products

Virtual tour
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60th Anniversary
Fawley Refinery celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011.

Click here for a fascinating brochure detailing the construction and subsequent development of Fawley.

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Main operating units

  • Distillation Unit
  • Vacuum Distillation
  • Steam Cracker
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker
  • Catalytic Reformer
  • Residfiner Hydro Desulpherisation Units
  • Gas Recovery Units plus Chemical Processes / Feedstocks